Gosu4Fun HON Tournament Hari Sabtu ini.

18 Mar

Setiap minggunya Gosugamers mengadakan turnamen 5v5 Gosu4Fun. Yang ikut serta dalam turnamen ini kemampuanya bisa dibilang masuk dlm kategori. Jadi sabtu besok akan dimulai Gosu4Fun yg entah sudah kesekian kali nya. Nanti pemenangnya kn mendapatkan status di website Gosugamers dan juga points pada GosuGamers Rankings!.

Tertarik? Kumpulkan pemain pada clan anda dan langsung daftar ke Gosugamers.net

Berikut adalah informasi tentang turnamen:

Map: Forests of Caldavar
Game mode: Tournament Mode, Banning Pick, Five versus Five
Tournament Format: Best of 1 all rounds except for Final (Best of 3), Single Elimination, Match for 3rd Place
Number of Teams: 16

– Sign-ups open Wednesday, March 16th
– Sign-ups close when full.
– Brackets release when sign-ups are closed.
– Tournament begins on Saturday, March 19th @ 20:00 CET

– 16 teams max.
– No PSR / TMM cap or floor.
– Sign-ups will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.
– Sign-ups can be done by sending an e-mail to gosugamers.signup@gmail.com

Sign-up Format:
Team name:
Country and Server Preference:
Roster (7 man limit):
Team Captain:
Contact info (Skype and E-mail):

– No items or heroes are auto-banned.
– Standard GosuGamers rules apply (can be found under Tournaments tab)
– No ringers allowed, a player may also not play for 2 teams or more in the tournament.

Results from this cup will count towards GosuGamers’ rankings!

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